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Biggest Restaurant Dining Trends for Millennials

Today, the millennial generation is in its 20s and mid-30s (born from the mid-80s to the mid-2000s). The generation has hit its prime years for working and spending. The millennial population in the U.S was forecasted to hit $1.4 trillion buying power mark by 2020.

As the largest generation living today, millennials influence societal preferences and choices. The generational group is informed, connected globally and incubated in web technology. The group is passionate about smartphones and selfies.

Top 5 Millennial Restaurant Dining Trends

Known as the “Enigma Generation,” 35% of millennials, according to a Deloitte study, often compromise their values to save on money.

The generational group looks for healthy foods at unbeatable prices. It looks for value for money when picking out restaurants to dine out.

According to the CMS report, millennials live as couples without kids or with their parents to save money and spend more on food. The group eats out at least four times on a monthly basis with 36% of the generation willing to pay more for outstanding restaurant services.